EduChanger | Planning | Curriculum | Social Media | Instructional Design

Listed below are project ideas based on our areas of expertise.  
Please contact us with a description of your support needs and we will do our best to help.


Strategic Planning

  • Backward planning for short- or long-term projects
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Action plans for project management, including goal setting and writing SMART goals
  • Employee work styles and strengths
  • Master plans for departments and programs
  • Grant writing and reporting 
  • Writing reports
  • Writing plans for funding sources
  • Development of self-guided assessment and placement
  • Evaluation of websites for content,  functionality/design, and navigation

Familiar with WIOA, AEBG, Guided Pathways, WASC, Multiple Measures (AB705), EL Civics Technology Plans, and more

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design


  • Curriculum materials (especially ESL)
  • Course outlines of record (CORs) and CDCP certificates
  • Adapted or new EL Civics Civics Objective Additional Assessment Plans (COAAPs), civic objectives, and/or assessments
  • Faculty guides
  • Curriculum vitae and résumés

Instructional Design

  • 21st Century teaching and learning strategies
  • Current standards
  • Classroom management solutions

Social Media Marketing & Instructional Technology

  • Establishing a social media presence (individuals, departments, institutions)
  • Leading teams to develop and implement social media marketing plans
  • Building classroom community
  • Promoting classes, programs, and agencies
  • Using social media for professional development
  • Learning social media safety tips
  • Using technology to enhance teaching & learning
  • Online and hybrid teaching strategies