EduChanger | Strategic Planning | Social Media for Education | Instructional Design

Are you having trouble setting program goals and writing all the plans now required?   

Need fresh, new ideas for using social media to promote your programs and connect with your audience? 

I can help make the most boring things productive and fun!


Strategic Planning


  • Backward planning for short- or long-term projects
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Action plans for project management, including goal setting and writing SMART goals
  • Employee work styles and strengths
  • Master plans for departments and programs
  • Grant writing and reporting 

Instructional Design



  • Curriculum materials (ESL)
  • Course outlines of record (CORs) and CDCP certificates
  • Faculty guides
  • Curriculum vitae & résumés

Instructional Design:

  • 21st Century teaching and learning strategies
  • Current standards
  • Classroom management solutions

Social Media for Education


  • Establishing a social media presence
  • Developing & implementing social media marketing plans
  • Building classroom community
  • Promoting classes, programs, and agencies
  • Professional development
  • Safety tips
  • Website evaluation (content,  functionality/design,  navigation)