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Who is "The EduChanger?"

I am Karla L. Frizler, M.A., and founded EduChanger Consulting in 2018.  After working in Adult Education for more than 20 years at the community college, adult school, and university levels, I saw a need and became passionate about helping educational institutions with strategic planning, communication, and collaboration strategies to support faculty innovation and student success. 

Known for my work ethic and integrity, my teaching specializations are TESOL and instructional technology, but I also have substantial experience with project management, professional development and faculty training, curriculum development, and grant writing and reporting. I am familiar with WIOA/EL Civics, AEP (formerly AEBG), Guided Pathways, WASC, Multiple Measures, and more.

Photo of Karla Frizler in a faculty training session.

Mission and Vision

My vision as an educator is as an agent of change who empowers people to acquire language and life skills to learn, grow, create a life they love, and contribute to society.   

The vision at EduChanger is that educational institutions, leaders, and employees will utilize effective planning and communication strategies to proactively prepare for and implement change.

My mission as an educator is to help others articulate and express themselves through writing and effective use of technology. 

The mission of EduChanger is to provide strategic planning, writing, and training support to educational institutions focused on improving processes, faculty support, & student success.    

Samples of My Work

Professional Development/ Training


OTAN Video Screencasts (SMART Goals)


LinkedIn for Adult Educators (OTAN)

Social Media Safety Tips (OTAN)

Social Media to Market Adult Ed (CAEP)

ESL Core Curriculum Faculty Guide:

Introduction | Overview

Curriculum Development


ESL Core Classes, Noncredit

(Search - Course - Discipline - ESL 300-306)

AdvESL Workforce Prep Lessons (Low, High)

ESL for Medical Occupations

EL Civics Lessons

Nonprofit Social Enterprise (in development)


Flour Empower. Home-based bakery with long-term goal is to transition into nonprofit social enterprise. Mission is to help kids aging out of foster care system to learn life and workplace skills to support themselves and contribute to their local community.



Multi-News. Led elementary students to plan, write, and create class newsletters.  

Download Curriculum Vitae & Résumé


CV (6 pages, PDF)

Résumé (2 pages, PDF)